Big news out of Tallahassee just a day before Championship weekend as Jimbo Fisher has stepped down as Head Coach at Florida State, and is expected to agree to the same position at Texas A&M.

This move from Jimbo has me lost. I have always thought of him as a really good college football coach, and he is, evidenced by the national title he won just a couple years back. The question I have is this. In whose mind is the Texas A&M job an upgrade over the FSU job? To me, that would seem like a step backwards for Jimbo.

The only explanation is that A&M is doubling his salary, or he has a giant urge to play against Nick Saban every year in the SEC. It’s either that, or he is petrified that the U is back. Florida State is one of the premier programs in college football, and was the premier program in the ACC until Dabo Swinney came and started taking his lunch money. Maybe I could grasp him making a move if he wanted a shot at turning the Tennessee program around, or even making what would have been a diabolical move to jump over to UF. But, to jump ship for SEC newcomer Texas A&M? Don’t get it. At least until they release his projected salary.