Today In Sports: Thoughts and prayers go to Steelers Linebacker Ryan Shazier. Shazier suffered a devastating injury last night and was forced to be carted off the field as he laid there essentially motionless. Very scary stuff and here’s to hoping for a 100% full recovery. Forget football, I just hope Shazier  regains full use of all of his extremities. If you are reading this and play football, ONLY TACKLE WHAT YOU CAN SEE. Keep your head up.

In College Football news, Florida State announced today that they have hired ex-Oregon coach Willie Taggart to replace Jimbo Fisher. I was wrong with this one and I’ve been wrong before and I will probably be wrong some time in the future. But I admit it, I was wrong when I claimed there was zero chance Jimbo Fisher would leave Tallahassee to coach Texas A&M in College Station. In Willie Taggart’s 7 year career as Head Coach, he has amassed a mediocre 47-50 record. I wouldn’t be so excited if I was a Florida State fan. Funny story about Taggart, he was recruited out of High School to play at Western Kentucky. The man who recruited Taggart: Jim Harbaugh. The man who coached Taggart: Jim’s father Jack Harbaugh.

In Olympic news, the entire country of Russia has been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. This is an extremely embarrassing and disappointing event for Russia. They hosted the last Winter Olympics in 2014 for christ sakes. Now they aren’t even allowed to participate. What a joke.

Today In News: In a world in which major news outlets constantly report depressing news, it was nice to see a great bit on CNN today about a homeless man who rescued 2 children from a burning Las Vegas building. The man, Anival Angulo, jumped over a deadlocked security door to enter into a apartment burning up in flames to rescue a 3 year old girl and her 10-month old sister. The Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Departmented said the two children certainly would have passed away if it weren’t for Anival Angulo’s brave actions. Here’s to hoping more stories like this one get reported by the major news outlets like CNN.

Today In History: On this day, 116 years ago the one and only Walt Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois. If you don’t know who that is you probably should get medically evaluated. Disney, of course founded The Walt Disney Company, the diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate.