Today In Sports: Steelers’ Linebacker Ryan Shazier has left the Cincinnati hospital that had been treating him since Monday night and has been transferred over to a Pittsburgh one which is obviously good news as it means the swelling had gone down. Still, I, and the rest of America should be waiting and monitoring for when we hear more encouraging news. Apparently Shazier’s mind is in a great place as according to teammates he is remaning positive and in great spirits.

Today Roger Goodell signed a 5 year contract extension worth upwards of $200 million. This is a man who simply does not have control over this league right now. There are far too many problems whether it be inconsistencies in player discipline, the league’s saga with the National Anthem or even simple rules like what the heck is considered to be a freaking catch.

I can’t name a single player who has gone on to publicly defend Goodell while players consistently go to the media saying how much they despise him. Heck, one of his bosses, and I assume more than just Jerry Jones, hates his guts. The league shouldn’t have reworked his contract, they should have gone in a different direction and instead they chose to keep the Clown in town to keep running the circus that is the NFL.

Toss me some of what Ralfael Palmeiro is smoking please. The 53 year old who hasn’t played baseball since 2005 is reportedly attempting to make a comeback in the MLB. Palmeiro is one of just 5 MLB players to ever record over 500 homers and 3,000 hits. He was obviously one of the most talented hitters the sport has ever seen. Palmeiro has been accused of being a big time steroid user but so were the majority of the players from that era. Still, I’d give Palmeiro about a 2% chance of recording another Major League Baseball at-bat.

Today in the News: Coming from me, who what I consider to be a pretty staunch Zionist and supporter of Israel, I am not in favor of the US moving their embassy to Jerusalem. I am obviously thrilled our current government appears to be a major supporter of Israel, but to me this move is unnecessary and will just be seen as a provocation in the eyes of Israel’s neighbors in the Middle East as well as the Palestinian people.

To me, and apparently to our government, we technically see Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Good, I am entitled to my own opinion however if peace for Israel, the Palestinians and the rest of the Middle East was as simple as what is to be considered Israel’s official capital, then clearly Israel should be satisfied with Tel Aviv as it’s official capital. Unfortunately it is not that easy as many of Israel’s neighbors claim they will only be satisfied when the Jewish people no longer have any form of a state in the Holy Land. Complicated stuff.

Today In History: Today in 1865 the first of the three Reconstruction Amendments, the 13th Amendment, was officially ratified effectively ending slavery in the United States. This technically ended one of if not the most horrific era’s in the entire history of mankind. It is definitely safe to say that it is incredibly sad that over 150 years have passed and the country still has major racial inequalities. It is also incredibly sad that slavery is still happening in the world where in Libya, as of one week ago, slave auctions were taking place that were reminiscent of your typical slave auction in, say rural Mississippi 200 years ago. Terrible.