Today In Sports: In the NBA, aside from some good games on tonight, I was extremely happy to read that Gordon Hayward is out of his walking boot. I know he is super satisfied as he said it was an awesome day to get out of the boot. Brad Stevens was also super happy with this step and said it was great for Gordon to check another box in the recovery process.

I am excited to watch the Houston Rockets tonight on ESPN against Charlotte. I haven’t seen much of them play yet so we will see if they can win their 11th game in a row. It looks like Harden is continuing his excellence from last season in a year in which he would have easily won the MVP had it not been for Westbrook averaging a triple double.

Right now on ESPN in the second quarter I am watching the Thunder take on the Pacers in Indiana in what is Paul George’s first game back in Indianapolis. He has received plenty of boos which can certainly be expected. The game is obviously still early but the Pacers are in control of the game. We will see who wins but who would have expected that the Pacers would be 16-11 at this point and the Thunder would be 12-14 after an offseason in which the Thunder acquired Paul George and Carmelo Anthony.

A quick take here on Scott Boras’s comments from today when he called the Marlins a pawn shop. Boras talked about how there was no reason for the Marlins to trade away homegrown and hometown heroes Stanton, Dee Gordon and Marcela Ozuna. He believes the MLB should be screening these trades which I personally disagree with but with a new ownership group coming in I can certainly see where he is coming from.

I read an argument today that bashed Boras for his comments by saying that Boras really just is upset because teams are acquiring talent these days through trades and not by signing guys in free agency. I honestly laughed at that hogwash of a take. Contracts are still rising, contracts are still being signed and contracts are still ending because that is what contracts do. They either end or get extended but contracts will obviously always be signed and resigned.

My only issue with Boras’s comments are that, sure, what the Marlins are doing might be bad for baseball. Many would argue that you know what else is bad for baseball, greedy agents like Scott Boras. I am all for professional athletes earning as much money though as the market will get them because that is obviously fair and this is America. And to be honest, I would do anything to be a greedy agent like Scott Boras who is worth over $100 million and is close to unequivocally being known as the most powerful agent in sports.


Lastly, what a bummer to see the Patriots being forced to put offensive lineman Marcus Cannon on the IR due to an ankle injury. This is a big blow for the Patriots who have relied heavily on his consistency and excellent play. I’d say aside from, maybe Rob Ninkovich, Cannon was the most improved player I have ever seen for the Patriots in the Belichick era. Cannon survived cancer to go on to become a utility lineman for the Patriots and honestly not a very good one. But then in 2016, Cannon became one of the best lineman in the entire sport on his way to earning Second Team All-Pro.

Today in the History: On December 13th, 2003 the United States captured Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. The War in Iraq, the War in Afghanistan and the War on Terror has arguably been the most pressing issue in my entire life.

One of my life goals is to make enough money where I can ultimately start and direct a non-profit for our troops and our veterans because they are the ultimate heroes to me. Aside from enlisting in our armed forces I would do anything for them. With that all said, with us still having a presence in Iraq and 15 years later with a war still going on against groups like ISIS, to me it is just such a shame to see how it has all unfolded.

None of that is to take anything away from our troops and veterans who did overthrow an animal of a regime and president in Saddam Hussein. All I am saying is that I am very disappointed we still have troops over there risking their lives on a daily basis. I don’t have any answers and all I can do is show my appreciation to our troops and veterans by one day accomplishing my goal of starting that non-profit.