• I’m not always right but 9 times out of 10 I am. On Sunday I wrote about how it was not smart of the Packers to throw Aaron Rodgers into the fire if he wasn’t 100% healed which he obviously wasn’t. Rodgers took a bunch of hits Sunday against Carolina in addition to his 3 interceptions. Well, the Packers announced today that they are putting Rodgers on the IR effectively shutting down his 2017 season in which he has already missed 8 games. They should have never started him in the first place.
  • After Carolina Panthers’ Owner Jerry Richardson announced he was going to sell the team after allegations of sexual and racial misconduct, none other than P. Diddy is apparently a serious suitor to by the team. And who is a prominent member of his investing team? Colin Kaepernick. Sign me right up for Colin Kaepernick to be an owner of an NFL team. Talk about a 360 degree turn of events. You can’t make that stuff up.
  • In College Football news, Lane Kiffin and Florida Atlantic University recently agreed to a 10 year contract extension. I’d be surprised if Kiffin makes it a third of the way into that contract. FAU has hopes to be a top 25 college football program. Good, every program should. After earning their first ever 10 win season I would have high expectations going in to 2018 if I were FAU so the contract extension was a good move on there part. But 10 years? Kiffin will be coaching in a power 5 conference by 2020.