I apologize if the image is gruesome to some. But nature is nature and I just got back from a Safari. That picture was taken by me by putting my iPhone lens up to a binoculars. Pretty, pretty cool, huh?

Just like that we are in 2018, the holidays are over and we all now will begin to inevitably fail to fulfill our respective new year resolutions. I am a little whacked out of it at the moment as I just got off of a 20 hour plane ride back home from Tanzania where I spent the past 10 days living in a tent in the bush with no phone or internet. As addicted as I am to the consumption of the internet, this was by far one of if not the best trips I have ever been on. Watching leopards eat impalas on top of a tree is a sight to see. Watching a lion rip apart a 600 pound Wildebeest and inhale it like I do with my buffalo wings on a lazy fall Sunday is insanely cool to see. I could go on and on about all the cool stuff one sees on a safari but it should definitely be at the top of everyones travel list.

But back to the no phone part: within 5 minutes of getting Wifi at a Coffee Lodge in Arusha, Tanzania-my last stop before heading to the airport- I learned how the final two weeks of the NFL season unfolded going into the playoffs as well as the college football drama. This was no more than a couple of hours after the double overtime thriller ended in Pasadena. I was so overwhelmed with all of this information I still haven’t quite soaked it all in. Not to mention, I probably had a million different bets in with a thousand separate bookies I still don’t even know how I did.

Without getting into any detail about all of the college football bowl season, I am SUPER excited to watch Alabama vs. Georgia. Nick Saban vs. Kirby Smart, his old defensive coach. That is going to be one heck of a slug fest, I just can’t imagine the Alabama defense will let Georgia run for 317 yards on them like they did against Oklahoma. There will be more on that game though to come in the ensuing days.

But boy oh boy do we have one heck of a weekend coming up here. What is crazy to me is that Vegas couldn’t disagree more. I think all four of these games are going to be closer than people think. 9 point spreads in the Kansas City vs. Tennessee and Buffalo vs. Jacksonville games are far too high. We are really ready to put that much faith in Blake Bortles? I’m not. And the Saturday night game, the inexperienced Rams are really a 6.5 point favorite against the defending NFC Champions? A Falcons team that needed a win this past Sunday against the division rival Panthers to ensure they would even make the playoffs? Speaking of which, you heard it here first, the winner of this Sunday showdown between the Panthers and the Saints in the Big Easy will go on to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Much more in depth analysis to come in regards to the NFL Playoffs as well as the College Football National Championship game. For now, let’s watch Kyrie Irving show the world tonight on ESPN why he left Lebron James.